ora-34143: (MXCGPUT02) You cannot assign values to SURROGATE %n because it is type INTEGER.

Cause: The user attempted to assign a value to a dimension surrogate whose data type is INTEGER. INTEGER surrogates, like INTEGER dimensions, cannot have values assigned to them. They can only be referenced by position.
Action: Do not attempt to assign values to an INTEGER surrogate. Values will automatically appear and disappear from the INTEGER surrogate as positions are added to or removed from the underlying dimension.

(MXCGPUT02) No puede asignar valores al sustituto %n porque es de tipo INTEGER.
(MXCGPUT02) Vous ne pouvez pas attribuer de valeur à SURROGATE %n, car il est de type INTEGER.
(MXCGPUT02) Sie können SURROGATE %n keine Werte zuweisen, weil es vom Typ INTEGER ist.
(MXCGPUT02) Não é possível atribuir valores ao SURROGATE %n, porque é do tipo INTEGER.
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